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Protecting your Vocal Chords at Protests

2020 June 2

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Here are 5 pieces of advice I have for anyone who anticipates trying to make a lot of noise with their voice.

1. Hydrate

It's important to drink lots of water. If your throat is dry, you'll hurt yourself yelling. If you're wearing a mask, obviously this will be harder, but make sure to hydrate when you can.

2. Use your false chords

Using your false vocal chords will help protect your vocal chords from damage. When you do a very exasperated, heavy sigh and create a rumbling sound in the bottom of your throat, this is caused by your false chords. Learn to control this part of your throat if you can. If you need help, search for "false chord screaming" tutorials.

3. Breathe with your diaphragm

Your diaphragm is the muscle beneath your lungs. Properly using your diaphragm will give you a lot more control in the way you breathe. You should feel like you're breathing with your gut, not with your shoulders.

4. Drink tea afterwards

I've always found warm tea helpful for soothing my throat. Drink some warm (not too hot) tea to help when your throat hurts.

5. If you cough, STOP

Know your limits. When you cough because your throat hurts, it's time to stop. If you keep going, you'll just hurt yourself and it'll take longer to recover.

Be safe.