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[Video] Setting up a Tor onion site in under 10 minutes

2022 February 6

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Setting up a basic Tor onion service is super easy! I'll show you how.

My background is Plant Onions! by Péhä, licensed CC BY 4.0.

Here are the steps:

Setting up Tor

  1. Install tor: apt install tor
  2. Enable a hidden service in /etc/tor/torrc
  3. Restart tor: systemctl restart tor

Your onion address should now be available at /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname

Setting up nginx

  1. Install nginx: apt install nginx
  2. In /etc/nginx.conf, increase server_names_hash_bucket_size to 128 (or something else sufficiently large)
  3. Restart nginx: systemctl restart nginx
  4. Add a site config in nginx which listens on localhost:80 and has server_name <your onion address>
  5. Reload your nginx config: nginx -s reload

You should now be running an onion site! Go set it up :)

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