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Status of rsstube development

2023 May 31

[rsstube] [tech]

If you don't know, I wrote a program called rsstube to find the feeds for websites/channels that have them.

I have not been working on this lately. It's apparently been a full year since I actually made a change to the actual program (not just tests). Part of the reason for this is I've been planning to rewrite rsstube in Rust. The other reason (and also a major reason I haven't yet rewritten it) is because I'm very busy with school and don't have as much time for hobby programming.

I still use rsstube regularly. (I wrote it because it fulfills a specific need for me. It's very useful to me for getting feeds for YouTube channels I want to follow and for getting podcast feeds from Apple Podcasts or whatever.) I'll probably fix things that break if I notice can identify an easy fix. But realistically, I probably won't be rewriting this in the near future or actively working to add new functionality.

Maybe I'll have more time to work on this again in the future, but for now, this project is effectively on hold.