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Checking in on Lokinet

2023 August 2

[darknets] [lokinet] [oxen] [tech]

This won't be a particularly exciting blog post, but I wanted to write something, and I've been messing with Lokinet some more lately.

Using Lokinet

It seems that no one has figured out how to use Lokinet as a ProxyVM yet. This is a shame since that would be the ideal way to use it. (I spent some time in either late 2021 or early 2022 trying to figure this out myself and gave up.) So I'm just running it in the VM where I want to use it. My setup is more or less the same as this person's.

I brought my site's Lokinet mirror back up. You can visit my site at etjhed4nzkq1smbe41jb6xto4e83xg9ibrekccw1i3jpahz6tobo.loki if you want. I took it down before because the lokinet process would fill up the storage with logs and crash the VM it was running in. I decreased the verbosity of the logging and am trying it again.

Stuff on Lokinet

There's not a lot of other stuff (read: "I haven't found anything else") on Lokinet I care about. There was a Lokinet wiki at wiki.probably.loki, but the webserver responds with a 403 error now. That was kind of the only site I found useful on Lokinet.

There was some social site at cafe.loki once. I very much didn't trust that site, but it was An Interesting Thing I knew about. It seems to be down now.

I haven't been able to find many lists of sites. I've found a few sites which list a small number of other sites. Often the links don't work, and the ones that do tend not to be very interesting. It's actually kind of funny that I haven't been able to find a long list of sites, considering sites registered with ONS are (to my understanding) published on the Oxen blockchain. Presumably it wouldn't be too hard to just extract them all.


I'm still going to keep an eye on this project, but I don't think it's particularly interesting right now. I basically view it as a free VPN. (exit.loki and euroexit.loki still work.)