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2023/05/06Mirroring your website on Tor
2023/05/03Using Mullvad Browser for I2P
2023/03/04DNS-over-TLS on the PinePhone
2023/02/21Setting up Signal Desktop without a mobile device
2023/02/18PinePhone updates: 4 months
2023/01/03Encrypted DNS with Stubby
2022/12/16How to Double-Spend a Bitcoin
2022/11/11Notes on the Google Pixel 4a (5G)
2022/10/11PinePhone: week 1
2022/10/07PinePhone: initial thoughts
2022/09/23My server setup 2
2022/09/ review/updates 2022
2022/08/22My server setup
2022/08/21Getting a gender neutral Ontario driver's license
2022/07/17Using Thunderbird with Outlook email
2022/07/16Using Evolution with Qubes Split GPG
2022/07/15Using Evolution with Outlook email
2022/07/03Setting up Signal without Android or iOS
2022/06/30SchildiChat (Element) over Tor
2022/06/27Discontinuing PeerTube
2022/06/16What is negative zero?
2022/06/08Using Tor with bridges
2022/06/082022 review: Sansa Fuze+
2022/06/08Installing Rockbox on the Sansa Fuze+
2022/06/05Is Oxen a honeypot?
2022/05/18Matrix's new Rust crypto library, vodozemac, has been audited
2022/05/16Using Duo 2FA without the app
2022/04/14[Video] Lying to you about VPNs [ASMR-ish]
2022/04/03USA passports gain X gender marker option
2022/02/17[Video] iMessage is a joke
2022/02/06[Video] Setting up a Tor onion site in under 10 minutes
2022/02/05[Video] Why you should use end-to-end encryption whenever you can
2022/01/31[Video] Oxen Ecosystem: 4. Thoughts on the Oxen Ecosystem
2022/01/31[Video] Oxen Ecosystem: 3. Session
2022/01/29[Video] Oxen Ecosystem: 2. Lokinet
2022/01/28[Video] Oxen Ecosystem: 1. Oxen
2022/01/28[Video] Oxen Ecosystem: 0. Introduction
2022/01/20[Audio] ASMR Roleplay - Queer Dating Service
2022/01/19Organizing my email
2022/01/18Setting up a Debian KVM virtual machine on a headless server with libvirt
2021/12/20Ramblings on Anonymity
2021/11/29Librebooting a T400: Updates
2021/11/10Recommended F-Droid Apps
2021/11/04Bridging Signal to Matrix
2021/10/12Why I Stopped Signing my Emails
2021/10/05How to Randomize your MAC Address with NetworkManager
2021/10/04Librebooting a T400
2021/09/10How to Use ProtonMail with Proper End-to-End Encryption
2021/08/24Matrix is Good
2021/08/05FreeTube: A Really Nice YouTube Client
2021/08/04How Omegle Video Hacking Works
2021/07/31Oxen Actually Seems Cool
2021/07/31Don't Trust iMessage's Cryptography
2021/07/30No, iMessage is Not Meaningfully End-to-End Encrypted by Default
2021/07/09Running Android Apps on Qubes OS with Anbox
2021/06/05Compartmentalization with Firefox Profiles
2021/06/02Home Server Behind a NAT using a VPS Gateway with WireGuard VPN and nftables
2021/05/24Session and the Framing of Cryptographic Deniability
2021/04/28Stop Calling Things "Open Source" When They're Not
2021/04/28What is Session?
2021/04/27Are You the Product?
2021/04/26Stop Conflating "Deep Web" and "Dark Web"
2021/04/26I Hate Email
2021/04/22Revisiting Firmware
2021/03/29FluffyChat: Finally a Good Matrix Client!
2021/03/ Review
2021/03/23VPN Killswitch with UFW
2021/02/22Opinions on Dark Web Sites
2021/02/17Matrix vs. XMPP: Crypto
2021/02/08How to Use I2P
2021/02/08Dead Enby's Switch
2021/01/31What is I2P? An Introduction for Tor Users
2020/12/10English Note: Punctuation in Quotation Marks
2020/12/09Podcasts are Not that Complicated
2020/12/03Choosing an FSF-Endorsed Distro in 2020
2020/12/03A Better Distro Freedom Scoring System
2020/11/27Practically Speaking, What Actually is Free Software?
2020/11/26Things I Dislike about Fedora
2020/11/25VPN vs. Tor
2020/11/24How Does Tor Work?
2020/11/23Should you Use a VPN?
2020/11/21Reasons to Use Jitsi Meet Instead of Zoom
2020/11/15Should you Use Bitcoin?
2020/11/12The Phrase "Ad Blocker" Misrepresents the Agency of the Web
2020/11/10Resource Mechanics in Card Games
2020/09/27On Firmware and Freedom
2020/08/29Determining Location from Wi-Fi
2020/08/26What Does the GPL Say?
2020/07/02Should you Bring your Cell Phone to a Protest?
2020/06/02Protecting your Vocal Chords at Protests
2020/05/25Newsboat Copy to Clipboard
2020/04/19Free Fedora with Freed-ora
2020/03/19Installing VLC on Fedora
2019/09/15Using Multiple Tor Circuits
2019/08/10Transport Layer Security
2019/08/10Getting a TLS Certificate with Certbot
2019/07/19What I Hate About Discord
2019/07/06How to Destroy Bitcoins
2019/05/07Federated Decentralization
2019/04/12Benevolent Centralization is Not the Solution to Malevolent Centralization
2019/04/11What I Like About Discord
2019/04/11We Need to Use Better Messaging Programs
2019/04/09Some Thoughts on Personal Pronouns
2019/04/07Why This Site Doesn't Use JavaScript
2019/04/04Specify the Maximum Password Length
2019/03/30I Use a Password Manager, and So Should You
2019/03/275 Ways to Advocate for People's Pronouns